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GR 222


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Hiking maps for this stage


Estellencs- Banyalbufar- Esporles

Time: 5h

Height: 500 m, 450 m

Degree of difficulty: medium-low


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(1)(2) Punta de Son Serralta, S'Esclop and Punta Fabioler


(3) Es Rafal de Planícia





(6) View to the north: Port des Canonge and Puig des Teix

Excerpt from the stage. This description isn't enough to find the right way. You will find a detailed description in the Alpina guidebooks and maps


Estellencs- Banyalbufar (2h 30min): Take the road from Estellencs to Banyalbufar and, at km 93.9, turn left taking a path which finishes after 10' in the main road. Follow it to the left until shortly after km. 92,2 and turn right on a paved track to the house of Son Serralta de Dalt (3'). Take the narrow track which surrounds the house and, just before a gate, (2') go to the left on a footpath. After enjoying a nice view of Estellencs and the Galatzó, enter the forest and reach a paved road (15', here starts both alternative sections). Cross it and follow the trail which goes up to a fork (10'). Turn left, cross the gate (10', you must respect the sign if the way is still closed, pictures 1, 2, 3) and arrive to a junction (10') where you go straight on entering the forest. After 7 minutes, leave the house of Es Rafal on your right, cross a gate (2') and go down to Banyalbufar (20').


Banyalbufar- Esporles ‘Camí des Correu’ (2h 30min):Standing in front of the Ajuntament de Banyalbufar (city hall) take the street to your left (Carrer de Jeroni Albertí) which climbs steeply for 30' (picture 4). Cross an earth track and keep straight ahead (dir. S) taking a cobbled footpath. After 10' the trail enters the forest (picture 5), keeps flat and crosses 2 walls. The narrow footpath widens and climbs gently (picture 6) before it drops down and makes several bends. After going through 2 gates, cross the main road (45' after entering the forest) and take the footpath which runs paralel to it for 10'. Cross the road again and, after 15', reach the village of Esporles.


(4) (5) Camí des Correu





Hiking maps for this stage


Esporles- Valldemossa- Refugi de Can Boi (Deià)


Time: 6h 30min

Height: 1120 m, 1170 m

Degree of difficulty: medium-high

Partially signposted between Esporles and Coll de sa Basseta and in Sa Comuna de Valldemossa

Closed path between Coll de sa Basseta and Coll de Sant Jordi, but the walkers are going through. + Information >>

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(1) Comuna de Valldemossa from Coll de Sant Jordi


(2), (3) Valldemossa



(4) (5) Camí de S'Arxiduc, view to the north



(7) Deià from Cingles de Son Rul.lan


(9) Deià

Excerpt from the stage. This description isn't enough to find the right way. You will find a detailed description in the Alpina guidebooks and maps _________________________________________

Esporles- Valldemossa (3h ): With your back to the Esporles church, cross the road, take Carrer Nou de Sant Pere and the road leading to Son Cabaspre. 100m after the entrance to the housing estate, go to the right (Camí des Bosc) up a paved track. After a long stretch, take the dirt track on the right (Camí de sa Coma Llobera, 1hr from the Esporles church).

After 3' come to a pass and turn left. 20min later comes out on to a track that you turn left on. After few metres, go to the left again and carry on along this track until you reach a former charcoal burning site (10'). Turn right (dir. E) for 5' and go left down between large rocks. After 5' follow a wall that leads to the pass Coll de Sant Jordi (10', picture 1). Go through a gate and reach the top part of Sa Comuna de Valldemossa (30'). Pass a wall and, at a former charcoal burning site (15'), the path begins to zigzag down to Valldemossa (pictures 2,3) .

Valldemossa- Deià (3h 30min): From the bus stop, go to Carrer de les Oliveres. The footpath starts at the end of it and follows the left side of a fence for 100 metres, turning then leftand, shortly afterwards, passing over a stile (wooden steps). After 50m turn right at the fork, ascend in zigzags and go over a wall, up to the Pla des Pouet (clearing with a water cistern- 1h from Valldemossa). Turn right before reaching the cistern and reach the pass in 10'. Go to the right uphill, past a path on your right, go through a wall and, at the next fork, ascend to the left. In about 10' reach the crest (pictures 4, 5, 6). The path follows the ridge for about 20' and, soon after leaving the steep cliffs, you will see on your left the cairns that indicate the descent to Deià. Leave the ridge trail and go left: finding your way (dir. N) would be difficult in fog as you would not see the next cairns that guide you to the cliffs. Some holm oaks (10') mark the spot where the path begins its spectacular zigzagging descent (picture 7) and, 20 minutes later, you enter the forest.

After a short time, you will see a former charcoal burning site with a bread-baking oven: take the path on the right and, after a few meters, the one on the left downhill. You pass by a water basin hollowed out of the rock and take the path to the left twice more. Go straight on over the next junction and leave the holm oak wood entering the olive tree terraces (picture 8). Five minutes later you come to a wall: there are markers in all directions – it doesn’t matter if you take the cart track to the right or go straight on along the cobbled short cuts (which lead to the track). What you must not do is go over the gate (which would take you to Son Rul·lan). Soon you have to leave the cart track and take the path on the left and, in a few metres, after passing a dried up spring, turn left once again. The cobbled path is overgrown with vegetation and takes you in about 30' to a track which leads to the main road (5'). Go to the left for 100 meters, turn right on the first street and, again, to the right to Deià (pictures 9, 10) and to the mountain hostel Can Boi (10').

(6) Camí de S'Arxiduc, view to the south

(8) Cingles de Son Rul.lan

(10) Deià