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GR 222


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Hiking maps for this stage


Refugi de Tossals Verds- Lluc- Refugi de Son Amer

Time: 5h 15min

Height: 830 m, 800 m

Degree of difficulty: medium-high


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(1) Coll des Prat and Puig de Massanella

(2) The bay of Alcúdia from Coll des Prat

(3) Coll des Telègraf

(4) Escorca and Torrent de Pareis

(6) The old trail of snow collectors "Ses Voltes des Galileu"

Excerpt from the stage. This description isn't enough to find the right way. You will find a detailed description in the Alpina guidebooks and maps


From the Refugi de Tossals Verds take the GR to the pass Coll de ses Cases Velles (40’) and traverse it straight on. After crossing the streambed two times, reach a junction (30'), turn right and, at the next one, keep straight on. The path starts climbing and reaches the pass Coll des Prat (1h 15')

From the pass, once you have crossed the wall, turn suddenly to the left towards a small gap about 50 m away, marked with a post (dir. N). After going down a steep step, keep going in the same direction until a snow pit where the footpath veers left and zigzags down to the pass Coll des Telègraf (15'). Here you turn off to the right (dir. E), pass close to another snow pit and go down for 10'. Cross the valley to the left and go up to the pass Coll de ses Cases de Neu (15'). After the pass, the path turns left (dir. W) and goes flat before dropping down to a plain (15'). At the junction take the path to the right which, in 5', begins to zigzag down. In 30' reach a track that you follow up to a junction (10'), where you keep straight on along the right-hand path. Eight minutes later turn right once again, cross a wall, go left and, after 10', traverse the road. The cobbled path brings you to the car park at the Santuari de Lluc (25'). Take the road from Lluc to the main road and turn at the first path off to the right and go up to the Refugi de Son Amer.


(5) Puig Tomir and Cape Formentor from Ses Voltes des Galileu


(7) Santuari de Lluc





Hiking maps for this stage


Refugi de Son Amer- Refugi del Pont Romà (Pollença)- Port de Pollença

Time: 6 h

Height: 250 m, 700 m

Degree of difficulty: medium-low


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(1), (2) Santuari de Lluc from the mountain hut Son Amer

(3) Old hermits'chapel in Son Amer

(4) Puig Tomir from Coll Pelat

(7) Pollença

Excerpt from the stage. This description isn't enough to find the right way. You will find a detailed description in the Alpina guidebooks and maps


From the hut, go down to the car park and cross the road. Follow a track up to near Coll Pelat, cross it to the right by a narrow path (40') and take a track to the left to the next junction (5'). Continue on the track to the right for about 10' and leave it on a footpath to the left that takes you to the Binifaldó water-bottling plant (30'). Go down the asphalted track to the houses of Binifaldó (5'), where you turn right. Ignore all track junctions but take the signposted shortcuts (one of them leads to the spring Font de Muntanya). Beyond it, leave again the track on a path that drops down steeply. After Ca l’Herevet the track is asphalted and goes to the Ma-10 road (2 h from Binifaldó). Take a track parallel to the road that soon narrows and follows the stream passing through some walls. The footpath traverses the Torrent de Sant Jordi (if the footbridge isn't ready, follow the signposted detour which goes for 800m along the Ma-10) to the right and after a few meters ends in an asphalted track which you follow straight on. Cross the stream again to the left and, at the junction near the main road, turn right and take a track. After the bridge, the asphalted track takes you to the mountain hut Refugi del Pont Romà in Pollença (1h 15'). The GR runs along the right side of the main road to Port de Pollença.


(5), (6) El Calvari- Pollença